The Organizer

Bali Illustration Workshop brought to you by Batari, a small art initiatives consist of husband and wife--Alejandro Mirabal and Putri Respati. Started from a wild daydream of moving to Bali from the hectic Jakarta and build some digital art sanctuary there, soon they realized that the silly idea is actually executable. As an illustrator himself, Alejandro is responsible for the workshop's curriculum, whereas Putri took care of the rest. And voila....Bali Illustration Workshop was born! The couple is planning to launch their new initiative in the near future. Stay tune!
  • Bali Visual Arts Workshops

    Immerse yourself in the miraculous atmosphere of Ubud's artistic culture while attending our visual arts workshops where artists that inspire you share their love and knowledge of the work and the industry.    

3D Modelling for Games

This short course offers an in-depth look into material and environment production, and you will be seeing firsthand a scene recreation of the game they currently working together. You will also get an insight on getting into the video games industry.

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Illustration Workshop

This 5 days workshop will push your skills further, and give you the chance to build connections among each student as well as with the mentors that will help you take deeper steps into the industry.

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